Monday Beer Club #32

Today we were given a “Hazy Flight”, as you can clearly see from the picture. The primary objective was to identify if the beer had been dry hopped (yes or no). Wes explained that dry hopping gives the beer a certain “powdery character” – he said he really didn’t have any other way to describeContinue reading “Monday Beer Club #32”

Monday Beer Club #31

It’s been five weeks since our last tasting session. There are several new items on the menu so we told Wes to “surprise us” and we would first try to identify the beer style, and then see if we could match the beer to the items on the menu. Three of the beers in theContinue reading “Monday Beer Club #31”

Monday Beer Club #22

Another from the archives. This tasting was on November 24, 2022 which technically was a Thursday, but for the purpose of Monday Beer Club, Monday is a state of mind. This tasting was a mystery flight where the only themes were “popular beers” and a “perfect colour progression” for the flight. Number 1: This beerContinue reading “Monday Beer Club #22”

Monday Beer Club #28

Believe it or not, spring is quickly approaching. I say “believe it or not” because we still have several feet of snow in the yard, but I remain cautiously optimistic nonetheless. And that is why this week’s tasting highlighted “spring flavours”. As always, our challenge was to describe the flavour profile for each beer, andContinue reading “Monday Beer Club #28”

Monday Beer Club #27

Today we were treated to a “random spring mix” of interesting beers. Our task was to identify the beer and match it to an item on the Brew Revolution menu. Number 1: (far left) This beer was a lovely copper colour and very clear, with caramel notes on the nose. The taste had caramel withContinue reading “Monday Beer Club #27”

Monday Beer Club #20

Today’s tasting includes two distinct styles. Our objectives were: How difficult could it be? (Hint: it can be very difficult at our skill level, but we will press on anyway.) Number 1: (far left) This beer was pale yellow and very clear. The nose was earthy, herbaceous with a hint of straw. The taste wasContinue reading “Monday Beer Club #20”

Monday Beer Club – Meeting #19

Today’s tasting didn’t have a theme – I just asked for a random selection of beers from the menu. Our objective was to identify the beers. Number 1: (far left) This beer was clear and reddish amber in colour. On the nose, we detected spicy, vegetative notes that we tentatively identified as phenol. The tasteContinue reading “Monday Beer Club – Meeting #19”

Monday Beer Club – Meeting #18

For this tasting I asked Wes to surprise me. I was informed that all the beers in today’s flight had mild malt and hop flavours to let me focus on the impact of the yeast. One beer had a lager yeast, one had an ale yeast, one had Kviek yeast, and one had a yeastContinue reading “Monday Beer Club – Meeting #18”

Monday Beer Club – Meeting #17

There wasn’t any particular theme for this meeting, other than to enjoy beers that are drinking particularly well now. And, of course, to try to identify what the beer was. Number 1: (far left) This beer was crystal clear, yellow, and had a definite vegetative nose. We immediately suspected it was a lager. The tasteContinue reading “Monday Beer Club – Meeting #17”