Monday Beer Club – Meeting #6

You have probably noticed that the items on today’s agenda all look similar. This was intentional. The idea is to keep you from jumping to conclusions based on colour, and instead focus on the nose and taste. We were instructed to look for esters (characteristic of ales), hops (indicates dry hopping), and alcohol (how strongContinue reading “Monday Beer Club – Meeting #6”

Monday Beer Club – Meeting # 5

The agenda for today’s meeting was unanimously approved. The topic is … beer. Number 1: (far left) This beer is straw coloured (SRM 3-4) with a light haze. The nose is subtle with hints of lemon and pineapple. The taste is light with minimal hop bitterness that is only apparent in the back of theContinue reading “Monday Beer Club – Meeting # 5”

Monday Beer Club – Meeting # 4

The proposed agenda for today’s meeting was approved, without modification. The theme for today’s meeting was … beer. Number 1: (far right) This beer was the colour of pale straw (SRM 2) with a light haze. the nose showed definite notes of citrus … grapefruit and lemon. The taste was light, smooth, and refreshing. Jane’sContinue reading “Monday Beer Club – Meeting # 4”

Monday Beer Club – Meeting #3

At Monday Beer Club, the focus is on the beer, as it should be. We had a simple request today. Pour a flight that will help us understand the difference between an ale and a lager. This is what we got. Beer # 1 (first on the right): This beer was fairly clear, and theContinue reading “Monday Beer Club – Meeting #3”

Monday Beer Club – Meeting #1

Stu West perfectly captured the Monday Beer Club (MBC) motto: I know what I like, and one of the things I like is beer. I’m in. The rules are simple. We go to a local brew pub (Brew Revolution) at 4:00 PM on Monday (Duh) and order a flight of locally brewed beer. Our inputContinue reading “Monday Beer Club – Meeting #1”

Name That Beer

I confess that I’m a beer geek. I enjoy beer tastings structured around a theme, like IPAs or ESBs. But sometimes, when you know what is in the glass, you taste … what you know you’re supposed to taste. So lately, I’ve started thinking about blind tastings where you have no idea what you’re tasting.Continue reading “Name That Beer”

Extra Special Bitter (ESB)

You probably already suspected that the beer style “English bitter” originated in England. However, some people are surprised to discover that Bitters aren’t particularly … bitter. Certainly not when compared to the West Coast IPAs we tasted last time. This style is all about balance and drinkability. And the ESB – or Extra Special BitterContinue reading “Extra Special Bitter (ESB)”