Monday Beer Club – Meeting #10

We continue the quest to figure out what the heck I’m tasting when I think I’m tasting “bitterness” as measured on the IBU scale. You may recall that the current working hypothesis is that I’m confusing IBUs (which comes from isomerized acids from hops added during the boil) with alpha acids (also from hops, but added later in the process). I know – tldr – look it up if you are interested. Today’s objective is to once again try to put the beers in order of increasing bitterness, but to take the alpha acids out of the equation, none of these beers have been dry hopped. So here goes…

Monday Beer Club Agenda

Number 1: (far left) This beer is very dark with aromas of campfire smoke. The smoke comes through on the taste as well. The taste was surprisingly light given the dark colour. The light bitterness took a while to emerge on the upper palate. I guessed this was the 2nd most bitter, but it was actually the 3rd. So, close…

I guessed this beer was Who Wears Schwartz Schwartz and I was correct … first guess.

Number 2: This beer was very clear with a reddish brown colour and dried fruit on the nose. I tasted caramel and dried fruit with a very pleasant and smooth mouthfeel. There was almost no bitterness on the aftertaste, although I thought I could taste bitterness near the front of my mouth just as I swallowed. Because of that immediate bitterness, I guessed this was the 3rd most bitter, but in fact it was the least bitter.

I tried to guess this beer, but after several wrong attempts I gave up. Turned out it was Beez Nutz. I get that one wrong every time.

Number 3: This beer was black as ebony with light caramel on the nose. The taste had definite smokiness, but not nearly as much as the first beer. I noted a definite bitterness at the front of my palate and at the back. I guessed this beer was the most bitter, and I nailed it.

I didn’t do quite as well guessing which beer it was, but on my third try I correctly guessed it was Smoke on the Porter.

Number 4: This beer was a lovely brown with a hint of red. The initial taste was noticeably sweeter, but it had a lovely balanced aftertaste. There was very little bitterness in the aftertaste, and it took forever to appear. I guessed this was the least bitter the it as actually 2nd – so reasonably close.

When it came to guessing the actual beer, completely missed – it was 10 Track Commandments. For some reason I thought a Saison beer was darker.

Conclusion: One of these beers was significantly more bitter than the others (39 IBU) and I got that. The other three were fairly close (21-25-28 IBU) and my guesses were not bad, other than Beez Nutz which clearly tripped me up. Need more practice…

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